Our Mission

The company functions and strategic objectives

Technology company Metal Industries ITC seeks to achieve the following tasks and objectives:

About International Technical Company

Our expertise

  • 30 years

    It gave us our experience during the thirty years ago to work in this area to increase the ability to know the needs of the local market in particular and neighboring markets in general of all sizes and varieties and specifications, and as the iron of the raw materials that go into the infrastructure of all States industry and also included in all basic industries

  • International Technical Company for Metal Industries relies ITC clear policies and unified strategy to communicate and serve their customers to the fullest and to meet all their needs of their industries and mineral imports, through direct communication with the client's operations and provide all the required facilities and shipping services and follow-up and other .

  • It also follows ITC events all Arab and international and local events that are specific to ferrous metal industries and other modern technological developments and interested in participating and the follow-up to their effectiveness and benefit to be applied on the ground.

  • The management team and team work

    It includes ITC group of administrators talented and able to manage the company and keeping the reins as and ITC handpicking and the selection of an integrated and distinct team and leading capable development and achievements, from administrators and quality engineers, production and maintenance specialists and other experts, operators and technicians .

Who Are We! !

International Technical Metal Industries

We are an international technical Metal Industries company ITC was founded in Jordan in 2010 for the manufacture of steel products within the specifications of global and local scales, one mouse Group of Companies.

And taken location for manufacturing in the Almuwaqar, the largest Jordanian industrial cities, the company has occupied what is the rate of 5% of the area of the city, through the creation of super-sized manufacturers are tubes and pipes factory and a factory for galvanizing

The Company's Vision and Slogan

ITC is looking to be the largest in the Middle East, which produces metallurgical and cover most of the needs of the local market, Arab and exports its products to Europe and the world under the slogan "Our ambition is greatest".


The ITC develops its website www.itc.jo to provide the latest ways to deal with their customers through the ability to communicate with the sales department directly and get all the information and determine the required services, in addition to direct application through a special form service, in addition to all the necessary information and that related products.


Production processes at the factory

International technology company in the Arab World

Export and shipping operations

The transfers from within the factory and shipped and delivered to all customers in all the Arabian Gulf and Iraq's neighboring countries Jordan and countries.